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9 Negative Effects Of Working Night Shifts

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9 Negative Effects Of Working Night Shifts

Working night shifts is inevitable in some industries, especially those that work in Aviation, manufacturing, oil gas etc. Even though night shifts come with mouthwatering allowances, it still has some negative effects on your health.

There are several mental and physical side effects that are associated with working night shifts. We aren’t discouraging people doing night shift here, but you still need to know how your job is affecting your health negatively.

Once you know the negative effects of working night shift, you can definitely manage them.

9 Negative Effects Of Working Night Shifts

#1. Sleep Disorder

Sleep disorder is one of the negative effects of working night shifts. When you don’t sleep very well at night, you are likely to have disorder in your sleep.

In fact, you will end up sleeping in the afternoon while being active at night. Also, if you don’t find your way around this, you may end up suffering from chronic insomnia.

So, whenever you do a night shift, it is advisable to have a very long rest in the afternoon. When you want to sleep during the day, try as much as possible to minimize the light and take good care of yourself.

#2. It Can Affect Your Digestive System

Working night shift can also affect your digestive health. Ordinarily, people that work night shift are likely to eat late or eat less healthily.

Trust me, eating late could cause different digestive health issues. Some of them are; constipation, weight gain, indigestion etc.

#3. Feeling Of Social Isolation

Feeling of social social isolation is also one of the negative effects of working night shifts. Since most of your friends are probably working during the day, you may not have much time to hangout with them.

Trust me, this is likely going to make you feel socially isolated. If you can’t spend time with you homies once a while, the essence of working will be counterproductive.

#4. Possibility Of Having High Blood Pressure

People who work night shifts are prone to having high blood pressure. According to Pescatore, there is a relationship between high blood pressure and working night shifts.

#5. Menstrual Cycle Or Pregnancy May Be Affected

According to medical experts, ladies that work night shifts are likely to have menstrual cycle disorders, pre-matured births, and miscarriages. However, to solidify this claim, more search still need to be done.

#6. Metabolic Disorder

Working night shifts can also cause metabolic disorder. This order could come in form of changes in blood fat level like triglycerides, obesity, insulin resistance (This can lead to diabetes).

However, it is advisable to always stay active ( by doing exercise) and eat healthy food. This will help to reduce the chances of metabolic disorder.

#7. Experiencing Depression and Anxiety Symptom

Ordinarily, the body is programmed to work 24 hours daily. During this period, the body releases different hormones and chemicals. Therefore, when someone is awake when the body ought to have been sleeping, the right hormones and chemicals may not be released.

This may affect your mood, makes you irritable and experience some possible symptoms of depression.

#8. Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular disease and other heart-related issues are among the negative effects of working night shifts. A study reveal that working night shifts can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

#9. High Risk Of Stroke

According to Researchers, working night shifts can increase the risk of having a stroke by 40%.

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