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Atiku Vs Buhari: Sand Between Two Witches

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The fact that I am hungry and confronted with two options of evil, does not make me subscribe to the proverbial lesser of two evils (whatever your definition of evil is) that determines who the lesser is to you.

1944 THE SCRIPT FOR 2019?

Nigerians are like the great German Field Marshal, Rommel, the distinguished German world war two officer and the other Generals who plotted (by a coup to overthrow Hitler).  2018 Nigeria, is the political plot of a simple democratic majority to remove, the strong man of Aso rock.

Will it fail or succeed?  Rommel (symbolic of Nigeria) had earlier survived, an air attack from British warplanes, but was seriously wounded. That attack was a symbolic portrait of Jonathan’s tenure. Just the way Rommel was given the “privileged” death option of swallowing cyanide, to prevent him from being “hanged -in such a manner that they would die slowly, in agony” (as we shall soon see). Nigerians have Rommel’s death offer on their hands.

The poison of cyanide could be understood to be Atiku Abubakar, while the painful slow death by hanging is Buhari and the wounds from strafing by British aircraft, is symbolic Johnathan; after all, Goodluck is an English word, but there are other death options:


“On July 17, 1944, British aircraft strafed Rommel’s staff car, severely wounding the Field Marshall. He was taken to a hospital and then to his home in Germany to convalesce. Three days later, an assassin’s bomb nearly killed Hitler during a strategy meeting at his headquarters in East Prussia. In the gory reprisals that followed, some suspects implicated Rommel in the plot. Although he may not have been aware of the attempt on Hitler’s life, his “defeatist” attitude was enough to warrant Hitler’s wrath. The problem for Hitler was how to eliminate Germany’s most popular general without revealing to the German people that he had ordered his death. The solution was to force Rommel to commit suicide and announce that his death was due to his battle wounds.” http://www.eyewitnesstohistory.com/rommel.htm


On his part, Robert Edwin Herzstein and the editors of Time-Life Books ,titled “The Nazi” and published in 1980, wrote on the 193rd page:

“Hitler commanded that the principal plotters be hanged -in such a manner that they would die slowly, in agony. A number met that fate. Among the conspirators who were gradually strangled by thin cord were Witzleben, Hoepner and Stieff…. Henning von Tresckov, when he heard of the failure of July 20, walked into no man’s land between German and Soviet lines and blew off his own head with a grenade…… Erwin Rommel: in return for promise that his family would be spared, he too swallowed poison. Rather than let the German people know that one of their authentic heroes had died an enemy of the Nazi regime, Hitler ordered a state funeral. ”


  1. Rommel’s poison followed by a state funeral….a funeral by the state of Nigeria under Atiku going by the fears about his contemporary perception, that the man will acquire Nigeria for himself and the rest of us will be his tenants?
  2. Buhari’s death option… “hanged -in such a manner that they would die slowly, in agony” for the opposition who campaigned against him (on one hand) and the masses (on the other) who voted against him, should he win.
  3. The likes of “Witzleben, Hoepner and Stieff” , are symbolic representatives of the opposition. Henning von Tresckov, who committed suicide when he heard the coup failed. Has Henning von Tresckov found a devotee in Nigeria, in the person of citizen Nura Ilyasu?

“The man, who gave his name as Nura Ilyasu, climbed a mast belonging to Airtel Nigeria, located few metres away from the presidential villa and Lungi Army Barracks, on Wednesday……On why he climbed the mast, he told journalists that it was to protest the economic hardship in the country, adding that President Buhari does not deserve another four years in office.” http://dailypost.ng/2018/09/14/man-reveals-climbed-mast-protest-buhari/


Deus ex machina is “a god introduced by means of a crane (see CRANE entry 1 sense 3a) in ancient Greek and Roman drama to decide the final outcome.”https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/deus%20ex%20 machina

Prayer is the crane, that will bring the Almighty into the Nigerian situation.

The fact is that we have a bad coin with two sides; two bad sides of men, desperate for power and are ready to go to any financial length to express that desperation.

We saw the first one in Ekiti and Osun test firing his 2019 strategy, we saw the response of the second in Port Harcourt.

The masses are torn apart, lost in the lust of two rapists.

The first was part of the PDP gang rape squad, that raped us into poverty, for the first eight “rounds” that started in 1999.  The second is the APC rapist, still raping up, and expects us to pay for his gross underperformance, by piling up debts for our children unborn. He expects us to pay for his rape in trillion, the debt for his rape, as he leads us into the growing list of signatories to  Chinese imperialism!

Yet both men with their ego sized genitals are too impotent to impregnate Nigeria, with development.

Their mutual lust for power at any and every cost, even at Buhari’s cost of reducing people to dogs and baboon, and devaluing our blood as worthless, made the point in the Benue valley of blood, devaluing rule of law far below his definitions of national security and interest.

The other by stealing our commonwealth!

When the coin is flipped in 2019, whatever side it lands, there is only one winner, those who say they are born to rule, are those who “rule to born”, born their own kind, to continue ruling!

Atiku and Buhari are no options!

An opinion piece by Amaso Jack. 

Jack is a political strategist and analyst, he lectures at Nigerian Institute of Journalism, Lagos State.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and not of Concise News.

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