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Comedian Aphrican Ace buys a house in US

Popular Instagram comedian, Aphrican Ace, has become the latest Nigerian entertainer to own a house in the US.


Sharing a photo of his new property, Aphrican Ace recalled how he was mocked when he bought a Range Rover in a rented apartment 2 years ago. He concluded by stating that  social media pressure shouldn’t affect the way people live their lives. He wrote;


Everything happens in due time! I remember when I bought this car 2 years ago, some people said it’s dumb to buy a range rover when you live in an apartment…which makes sense to a certain extent, but NEVER judge someone’s decisions if you dont know their options! Anyways, 2 years later, I can finally park this Range Rover in front of my own Home! To God be The Glory!! Don’t let social media people rush you with their perceptions of how YOU should live YOUR life!


Comedian Aphrican Ace buys a house in US

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