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convicts woman, pastor of murder in Benin court-convicts-woman-pastor-of-murder-in-benin/

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A Benin High Court has sentenced to death two secret lovers, a housewife and her pastor for the murder of a senior staff of the Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC) in Benin City, Victor Gabriel Isonguyo. The woman, Eniobong Isonguyo was the wife of the deceased before his death while the second convict, Pastor Udoka Ukachukwu was the head of their church. The court presided over by Justice Imadegbelo heard that the deceased was killed by a sharp object in his car by the said pastor who subsequently, set him ablaze in the car on the agreement with his wife who was then pregnant for the pastor. The court was also told by the police prosecutor how millions of naira and landed properties belonging to the deceased were transferred to the said pastor. A team of state counsels also told the court that the murder of Isonguyo was carried out by the convicts in order to cover up the pregnancy accusation by the deceased who was then asking questions about the woman ‘s pregnancy while he was away. The court also heard how the pastor was told by the woman to wait on the route of her husband to work and stop him for a ride. The plan paid off as the man eventually stopped and gave the pastor a ride along Sapele Road in Benin City. During the journey, the said pastor then brought out a sharp object and smashed it on the neck of his victim before opening the petrol tank of the car where he sipped out some quantity of fuel and thereafter, set the car ablaze, burning his victim beyond recognition. Police autopsy they added, later revealed the cause of death. The high court judge after reviewing the evidence presented by the state prosecutor, sentenced the two accused persons to death by hanging. The woman who was 4 -months pregnant before her arrest and prosecution is said to have giving birth while in Benin prison. Respondents who were aware of the brutal circumstances surrounding the death of the NNPC staff when interviewed, gave kudos to the police for their diligent investigation which led to their arrest of the two secret lovers, the state counsel, the NNPC and the judiciary for dispensing justice without fear or favour.

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