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Evangelist Chidi Ibinado Accused Of Fraud

Popular evangelist accused of fraud after he was caught deceptively soliciting for funds for widows

An evagelist has been accused of being a fraud after he was caught deceptively soliciting for funds, claiming he wants to help widows.

Evangelist Chidi Ibinado shared photos of bags of rice, wrappers, and other items which he claims he bought to distribute to widows. He then asked social media users to donate for more items

But it turns out he didn’t buy those items as he claims. The photo of bags of rice and wrappers which he said he bought for widows are actually photos from CPM Festac’s Papa Move. He is alleged to have taken their photos, shared it online, and passed it off as something he is doing for widows.

He was busted by philathropist Dr Yolanda N. George-David who was one of those that organised CPM’s Festac Papa’s Move.

She wrote:

I am Irate.. Disgusted..and Ashamed as a Minister of the Gospel… Evan. Chidi Ibinado in Owerri.. How dare you?

Why would a so called Evangelist take Pictures from CPM Festac’s Papa Move and claim that he is taking care of widows.
Dear Mr .. Evangelist.. God is the husband of the widows… real widows were blessed… God has blessed Rev.Paul.. myself and everyone who donated to the Success last year.. You can’t claim to be called by God and you steal from already hungry people… Return every donation that you have received in 7 days or hear from my lawyers… I am pretty Irate ..right now.. Thank you God that I am not in Africa, I would have paid you a visit and given you some good beating… Since you have reduced yourself to lying… How is this not fraudulent…
What?!!! Everyone who was at Auntlanda Free Market Square will recognise the Background.. My Widows are Suffering, stop using their pain to rob people.. Oh mhen..
I am pissed.. Evangelist. Chidi Ibinado in Owerri.. won’t mention your church’s name… , you have been warned … My Darlings… kindly repost.. share and comment on his page… Help make sure people don’t continue to get swindled… By God’s grace… we will continue serving… because LOVE IS AN ACTION word…

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