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Jerry Gana Promises Devolution Of Power If Elected Nigeria’s President

The presidential candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Professor Jerry Gana, says his administration will focus on the devolution of power if elected into office.

Gana during a meeting in Abuja on Saturday noted that the devolution of power will address the challenges of poverty and over-dependence on federal allocations.

“In a good Federal system, the federating units have excellent purposes and basic functions to perform. In Nigeria, most of the federating units, the state, are always waiting to take resources from the Federal Government. That is not a Federal structure.

“In a good federal structure, the federating units must be strong on their own. Raising resources on their own. Paying salaries on their own. Every state of the Federal Republic will have resources for them to generate and create wealth. We don’t have to be waiting for the Federal Government.

“Therefore, there must be devolution of power to the Federating units, so that our people can be looked after in education, health, housing etc,” Gana said.

He also restated his party’s commitment towards the attainment of socio-economic development through grassroots mobilisation and addressing poverty.

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