Factors To Having a Great Mentoring Relationship

Image: Sabi News I have had people come to me recently asking to be mentored and upon discussing with them I noticed a trend which I would like to share here today. To experience a successful mentoring scheme there are two keys factors you need to develop yourself in. Competence and Character Competence is key because truly your mentor is concerned about the value you bring to the table. Whoever has agreed to mentor you is quite busy and does not have time for frivolities. You don’t want to appear as being not serious or not focused by the types of discussion you engage him in or the kind of bants you engage in. Remember your mentor is deeply involved in activities that will increase his influence and income, the last thing on his mind is your inability to help achieve any. Once that is established be sure to know that you have blown your opportunity with your mentor. Before you approach anyone for mentorship, clearly define what value you will add to his vision. Clearly define how that value is capable of making life easy and task more efficient for him. Don’t go clueless or with the mentality to receive unending. Yes, you will receive but what do you intend to give for all the receiving you will get? Your competence is bordered around your ability to have a skill or skill set that you are willing to apply in his venture to grow his business without you thinking of charging him fees for the superlative things you want to offer. Skill or Skill sets include communication, sales, negotiation, leadership, management, finance, design, coding etc. Learn a skill, attain a certain level of mastery in a skill and be willing to sow the skill for access to the mentor unhindered. Your character is the other quality that you need to have in order to access your mentor smoothly. What character do you portray to your mentor? Dedicated? Faithful? Trustworthy? Hardworking? Your character will determine if your mentor wants to spend his time with you or limit his access to you. Your character also includes loyalty. How loyal are you to his vision and to yours also? Are you going to stay true when things hit the hard patch or you will be the first to slay when he is down? Are you going to be the one to watch his back or the one who is going to be the first to spill against him? Your character will determine how far your relationship with your mentor will last. Trust me, he has been around long enough to discern if you are for real or not. Are you there for your selfish ambition or because you really want to have a symbiotic relationship? If you display the right attitude, you will end up reaping fruits of a good relationship with your mentor. Are you competent enough to be mentored? Have you got the right attitude and mindset to receive mentorship? Check yourself before you request for mentorship.

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