Today’s Noisemakers: Aisha Yesufu, Henry Okelue, Bhadmus Hakeem, others

Every day on the Nigerian internet, there are people who keep our eyes glued to our phone screens as we read their rants, opinions, perspectives on political and social matters, etc. Sometimes, they are just downright ridiculous. We make it our job to take down the names of these noisemakers.
Here’s our list from today:
1. Henry Okelue

This is as close to the truth as it gets here.
— HENRY Okelue (@4eyedmonk) March 12, 2018

In reply to:

Feminists on Twitter- Let women be what they want to be. It’s their choice.
Some Women: I just want to stay at home & cook for my family.
Same “feminists” – You’re stupid. You’re only allowed to be what you want to be, on the condition that it conforms to our preferences.
— Abimbola O’larry Turner (@Clan_Clueless) March 11, 2018

Sometimes, you will want to question the ideologies of some feminists…
2. Aisha Yesufu
Sometimes, we need to move away from insults and attacks and suggest solutions to problems.

Dear Vice President @ProfOsinbajo The ease of doing business index Nigeria needs to work on is bribes demanded by government officials. This has killed more businesses and discouraged others from starting than anything
— Aisha Yesufu (@AishaYesufu) March 12, 2018

We need more of such kind of recommendation.
Hopefully the “ears” are listening.
3. Kemi Ariyo

Since I was born, now I'm getting old I have NEVER SEEN NIGERIA IMPROVING
When I was younger, our health sector, educational, judiciary system..were better
We used to live large with the little we had. In those days Nig was developing. Is Nig still developing or non-developing?
— Kemi Ariyo (@d_problemsolver) March 12, 2018

Well… things can still get better. Some people just came and decided that Nigeria was moving at a pace that was too fast and should be taken backward.
Those same people wil ensure that there’s no peace in the country.
However, with our mindset changing, things can get better.
Some replies:

Its under-developing… its moving backwards gradually but constantly.
— Baba K (@ninodrive) March 12, 2018

I can relate to this. Things were much better even in d 90s
— EvaBlazen (@charly_jay) March 12, 2018

The same problem for the past 19yrs has been recycle by our politician as problem they want to solve for us every 4yrs. Yet all the problem still remained unsolved. Light ,fuel scarcity ,education ,security, waste mgt. But the politicians pocket & life has developed & developed
— seyi ajayi (@evidencebyme) March 12, 2018

Nigeria was RAPED to death and i think we are in the process of resuscitating it. Maybe we can wake it up or not is what i can't say. The nation needs to be alive before developing. #MyOpinion .
— IDRIS AZEEZ (@id_azeez) March 12, 2018

4. Bhadmus Hakeem
Lol! now this will literally make you fall off your chair.

#BBNaija records 11Million votes so far. 1vote = 30naira. 11,000,000 X 30 = N330,000,000 Million.
Winner goes home with 45 million Naira.
But you are here insulting people because of HMs.
Take your prayer point: "Dear God Anywhere they have tied my sense, release it today "
— Bhadmus Hakeem (@Bhadoosky) March 11, 2018

But it is the truth, therefore, don’t forget to say the ‘prayer’.
5. Dipo Awojide
Dipo gives us one important piece of information.

NYSC does NOT come under education section on your CV. It should be under work experience.
You can brand that one year experience like gold and use it to land your first fantastic opportunity.
Doesn’t matter if you taught in a school in Yobe or Akure.
Brush it up!
— Dr. Dipo (@OgbeniDipo) March 12, 2018

The kind of things we should be seeing on social media not HATE most of the time.
6. Arinze Odira

In 2011, I casually bought a plot of land in PH for 1.3 million. That same year, I bought an expensive car.
Last year, I sold that car off for 2 million, and that land was valued at 11 million naira.
Imagine if I bought about 6 plots of that land then, I won't be this broke now
— Arinze Odira (@CaptainArinze) March 12, 2018

Subtle advice to those who think investment is just a waste of resources.
7. Kasali

I remember when someone slammed the door of those big buses on my finger. I opened mouth to shout but no sound came out for like 10 secs
— Buoda Kasali (@UnkuKasali) March 12, 2018

Wait oo, even “ yeeeeeeeeh ” did not come out?
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