Finance Minister, Kemi Meets World Bank Mission with 10 EDs

This afternoon in Abuja finance minister, Kemi Adeosun met with a World Bank Mission comprising 10 Executive Directors.
“The World Bank are vital partners for us in Nigeria, and I was pleased to share with them encouraging news of the progress we’re making in stabilising and improving the Nigerian economy,” Kemi said.
The finance minister added, “in the last two years, we’ve made remarkable progress in our Ease of Doing Business Reforms, invested significantly more in infrastructure, and be able to grow Nigeria’s taxpayer base from 14 million in 2016 to 19 million as at today.”
Adeosun said Nigerians should trust President Buhari Administration to deliver on its promises of improving the economy and providing sustainable infrastructure development.
All around the country rail, power and road projects ongoing, creating jobs, and improving citizens.
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