Don Advises On Destructive Weather Conditions …As RSG Cautions Against Living Near Trees

A lecturer with the University of Port Harcourt, Professor Mark Anikpo says, colossal damages will be caused to the human population, if the society continues to witness severe rainfall and windstorms.
Similarly, the Rivers State Government has advised residents against living nearer to big trees and electric poles.
“Prof Anikpo, who spoke against the background of recent destruction by windstorm in Port Harcourt said that the human population may experience more suffering as buildings will be destroyed, farmlands damaged as well as severe flooding.
The University don, who attributed the current havoc in parts of Port Harcourt to climate change also warned against unnecessary movements during rainstorms occasioned by lightening strikes.
He however said that man cannot control the wind and lightening, but can reduce the incident of flooding and blamed the incessant flooding of Port Harcourt and environs on the continuous obstruction of water right-of- ways.
“Definitely, a lot of flooding will be experienced this year, because people are still obstructing the movement of water.
“The sooner the government steps in to check the trend, the better will be the society.”
Professor Anikpo also stressed the need for the construction of deep and wider drainages round the city, while residents should be sensitised against building on water right-of-ways as well as dumping refuse into the drains.
He particularly bemoaned the plight of the people of Nkpolu community in Obio/Akpor Local Government Area, stressing that flooding in the community has defied all known human solutions.
According to him, many people have been rendered homeless in the area and stressed the need for the flood and erosion control unit of the Ministry of Environment to conduct an investigation to ascertain the causes of the flooding in the community.
Professor Anikpo also stressed the need for people to always speak out whenever there is flooding in their areas with a view to attracting the attention of government.
Meanwhile, the Rivers State Commissioner for Environment, Professor Roseline Konya has called on residents of the state to avoid living nearer to big trees and electric poles.
The Commissioner, who spoke in an interview with newsmen in Port Harcourt said that people must cutdown trees which are likely to cause damages within their vicinities.
Konya also warned against the incessant dumping of refuse in drainages, while regular cleaning of gutters and drainages must be carried out.
She further said that the state government is working out modalities for a permanent solution to the incessant flooding of parts of the state.
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