Edo Govt raises alarm over adulterated kerosene, as one dies in fire explosion

The Edo State Government has raised alarm over the supply of adulterated kerosene to users of the product.
Commissioner for Youth and Special Duties, Mika Amanokha, raised the alarm in Benin City after a report of a fire incident in Evbuotubu Market, on Tuesday, which was put under control by officials of the Edo State Fire Service.
Amanokha urged the federal government agencies that supervise the distribution of kerosene to mop up the fake product from the market.
He explained that the victim of the fire incident, who deals in kerosene in the market, lit a match stick to demonstrate that the kerosene she was selling was genuine.
“Unfortunately, the product was adulterated as the experiment produced an explosion which killed her,” Amanokha said.
He added that the timely intervention of officials of the Edo Fire Service brought the fire under control.
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