Nigerian Twitter Bash ACP Yomi Shogunle Over Insensitive Comment

Amidst the ongoing social media #EndSARS campaign, where citizens have shared and expressed their SARS and Nigerian Police brutality and harassment experiences, the assistant commissioner of police has been described as inconsiderate to the struggles of the average Nigerian youth as he shows no empathy in his tweet below.

Sorry. No vex.
— Abayomi Shogunle (@YomiShogunle) June 12, 2018

Yomi Shogunle is a reflection of Nigeria Police Force.
Lack empathy
Yomi Shogunle is one of the major reasons "Police is your friend" phrase is nothing but a big LIE.
— #OtunbaAsiwaju (@AsiwajuOladimej) June 11, 2018

Take a very good look at Yomi Shogunle. I mean take a look to how he relates with people online, how he tackle issues, how he responds to enquires & complaints from the public.
Then you will understand why Nigerian Police is the way it is and will remain the worst in the World.
— Ayo FBI (@PureMind__) June 12, 2018

Oga Yomi Shogunle Is the online version of SARS.
— Osas Cruz (@OsasCruz) June 12, 2018

@YomiShogunle should be called to order for being so insensitive to the plight of Nigerians by saying the SARS menace is a scam #EndSARS
— The Babatunde Beacon (@BabatundeBeacon) June 12, 2018

If not for greed and corruption in high places, Yomi Shogunle and even IG shouldn't be at the post they are today. Somebody like Yomi Shogunle whose record at Mokola Ibadan as DPO is still stinking will do everything humanly possible to sabotage the #EndSARS campaign.
— Opeyemi Babalola (@CACCOT1) June 7, 2018
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