Dead Brother Restored To Life

I am a Cell Minister and my younger brother, at the University of Calabar, informed me that our younger brother schooling in Auchi Polytechnic was confirmed dead on the 13th of May 2018 and his body had been deposited in the mortuary. Worried and dismayed, I contacted my Home Cell Provider, who shouted, ‘He can’t be dead’, and I responded, ‘Amen’.
He gathered his household to join us and we engaged fervently in Kingdom advancement prayers for about two hours that night. Thereafter, we joined Canaanland via DOMI Radio for the Covenant Hour of Prayer. The next day, my brother travelled to Auchi. On arrival, late in the Night, he went straight to the mortuary and saw his younger brother’s lifeless body. While consoling him, the Mortuary Attendant informed him that he came too late because he was injected for embalmment over 24hours ago. Then, my brother whispered to the ear of the lifeless body, ‘Jesus is here, arise! Nothing happened. He whispered again, ‘In the name of the God of Bishop David Oyedepo wake up! In the next second, the dead brother sneezed out a thick blood clot and got up to the amazement of the Mortuary Attendant.
About 68 souls gave their lives to Christ instantly . I return all the glory to God for His faithfulness in validating the Mandate upon this Commission. Praise God!
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