Report: Hospital Adequately Treated NYSC Member Shot by Police Officer, CCTV Footage Shows

Angela Igwetu
Premium Times is reporting that CCTV footage from the night that a National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) member Angela Igwetu died in Garki Hospital, Abuja showed that the hospital staff did all they could to save her life.
The story of Angela Igwetu’s demise had surfaced on social media on Wednesday, July 4th, one day to her passing out from the NYSC scheme.
She was in a vehicle with some friends at about 3am when police officers shot at their car, close to Cedi Plaza in Central Area, Abuja, wounding her. She was later rushed to the hospital, where, according to initial social media posts by her friends and family, she was not attended to as the hospital demanded police report. According to the posts by her friends, some officers who followed them to the hospital demanded N50,000 to get a police report.
The hospital later released a statement saying its staff adequately treated Angela but lost her.
According to Premium Times, the CCTV footage showed that at 3.12am on July 4th, a vehicle arrived at the hospital’s Accidents and Emergency unit and someone ran from inside it into the hospital and met two people identified by the hospital’s communications director, as a doctor and nurse on duty.
The doctor went out with her gloves by 3.13am to access the situation. She later went back into the hospital and came out with a nurse and a stretcher with which they took the deceased into the building at 3.15am, Premium Times reports.
The deceased was taken into the hospital’s Trauma Room, and between 3.16am and 3.19am, medical personnel were moving in and out of the room with equipment. At 3.17am, one of the men who brought the deceased to the hospital entered the Trauma Room but left a while later. Premium Times reports that there were no police officers at the hospital at the time.
The report continued:
At 3:21 a.m., the CCTV footage showed two policemen whom the Chief Security Officer (CSO) of the hospital, Lawrence Laabe , identified as officers stationed in the hospital, accompanying the two men back into the hospital.
One of the men went into the Trauma Room briefly, came out and then left the building.
Within the same minute, the CCTV footage outside the building, showed that the two men, who accompanied the victim to the hospital, were outside with the police officers stationed at the hospital, discussing.
By 3:26 a.m., the woman identified by the communications officer as the doctor was still in the Trauma Room. She came out briefly at about 3.29 a.m., and two other women also identified by the communications officer as doctors came into the room as well.
The footage within the accidents and emergency unit of the building was limited to the corridor as activities within the Trauma Room were not covered.
Although the footage showed that at least three medical personnel were inside the Trauma Room since the patient arrived (some came out to pick things and went back in almost immediately), PREMIUM TIMES cannot tell what exactly happened within the room.
The footage also showed that external police officers arrived the hospital at 4 a.m. in a white pickup and entered the building at 4:05 a.m. to have discussions with the men and the first doctor who attended to the patient.
The police has said that the officer who pulled the trigger has been arrested, dismissed, and is on trial . The FCT police commissioner  Sadiq Bello  however claim “it was alleged that” while Angela and her friends were riding in the vehicle, Angela “stood up and brought out her head through the sunroof of a Toyota Camry car shouting and calling for help that she was kidnapped.”
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