Throw the Twitter debate series #NoDragMyGender into the fire and let it burn

What have we done to deserve this kind of social media hazard? Back in May, popular social media influencer Paul Ezeudoh aka Tweet Oracle announced the then-upcoming # NoDragMyGender , a Twitter-based series which he refers to as “The Hottest Gender Debate.” You would have to agree that the premise of # NoDragMyGender is mined from the ceaseless feminist war on Nigerian Twitter, and the conversations that have shaped this topical staple.
Co-anchored by Tweet Oracle and Princess Ife, the debate series premiered June 1 with the topic Men v Women: Who Cheats More? The episode had modest online engagement, men and women putting in their two cents but overall, I thought it was a waste of time, given that the show’s template readily legitimises binary gender and latches onto pointless dichotomies.
Subsequent topics like Men v Women: Who Are Better Managers ? grated my nerves, but it was the recent installment Fathers v Mothers: Who Is More Important ? that tipped me over. Pure dumpster fire. An egregious mix of ignorance, immaturity, and a rehash of anti-feminist rhetoric. Shockingly unbelievable, to say the least. I hope Tweet Oracle doesn’t delete any of the tweets he posted in reaction to the episode, just so he can look back on them ten years later, ponder on his colossal ignorance as he sits alone in a dark room.

The Role of Bread winner is strictly for Fathers. Make no mistakes, most families where mothers are bread winners hardly live in peace. The man gotta provide and protect the home. That’s the FIRST thing to think about in the home #NoDragMyGender cc @ife_luv12
— A U R A C O O L (@TWEETORACLE) July 6, 2018


Mothers are the emotional backbones of the family. They provide the holding place for everyone’s feelings and do their best to keep us from being hurt. #NoDragMyGender
— Abike (@meanytimming) July 6, 2018

Constitutionally set up to disagree with Tweet Oracle and “defend” women, Princess Ife must think she’s revolutionising the feminist discourse. “Mothers is the best, Mom takes the right decision,” she tweets, “They give us the best of all. They worry about us the most.” And for the sucker punch: “They keep us in the tummy for 9 months.” LMAOO. Have I been taken back to nursery school? Even if #NoDragMyGender were a parody, it would have been shoddy.
If the anchors are so concerned about gender, first they need to destroy it and then we can talk.
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