Sophie Turner is assuring us “Game of Thrones” Finale will be Unpredictable

Sophie Turner who plays  Sansa   Stark  on hit TV show “Game of Thrones ” has revealed to fans that the ending is unpredictable.
Theories about how the show would end have since the end of the previous season been flying around.
While the undead army of the White Walkers looks impossible to defeat, fans still want a victory for  Jon Snow and want to see him on the throne.
Sophie, speaking to Digital Spy , said the show’s ending is unpredictable, which is something she’s really satisfied about. She said:
For me – without giving anything away, I guess – I was satisfied with how unpredictable the show’s ending really is .
People have come up with so many fan theories about how it’s going to end, and who will end up where, and who will end up with who. It really is so unpredictable the way that it ends up. I’m very satisfied with that, and I think that the fans will be satisfied with that, too.
Well, we hope. We’ll see!

Maisie Williams who plays  Arya Stark recently shared a photo on her Instagram announcing she’s shot her final scene in the show.
She captioned the show with a few hashtags which fans think may be spoilers, like #lastwomanstanding and #barely.
What was even better was Lena Headey ‘s ( Cersei Lannister ) comment on the post: “QUEEN.”

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