Entertainment Roundup: Drake opens up about his feuds with Pusha-T and Kanye; Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande ‘split’ | More stories

Here’s everything you missed in entertainment over the weekend and others that unravelled while you slept – and are still buzzing today.
Actor says he might not want to be an actor if given a second chance

He said in an interview with Punch , when asked if there’s anything he would do differently if given a second chance, “ If I had a second chance, I may not want to be an actor. I would prefer to be something else though I enjoy being an actor and I thank God for where I am today. I don’t qualify success by the amount of cash I have in my account; it is rather about being relevant to my generation. However, acting takes your privacy away, and I, personally, don’t like that. The job can also lure a person into doing things that they have no business doing.  There is no way you would be deeply involved in acting and it won’t take over you. If I had to come back again, I will prefer not to become an actor because I cherish my privacy .”
He also said something rather interesting about former president Goodluck Jonathan ‘s fund to Nollywood, “ I wouldn’t say it was properly managed, neither will I say it was mismanaged because I don’t know the beneficiaries. I think it was a political action and not because the government was genuine about improving the industry. I don’t know if there was any committee set up to handle that but I think those who benefited from the money were those who were close to the government .”

Baba Sala to be buried December 7

The family of the Late Moses Adejumo popularly known as Baba Sala , has announced December 6 and 7 as dates for the burial ceremony of the icon, the  News Agency of Nigeria  (NAN) reports.
His son, a Performing Officer at the National Troupe of Nigeria, Emmanuel Adejumo , popularly called Boisala told  NAN  that the family had decided on the date for the burial.
Baba Sala died on October 7 at 82 in Ilesa, Osun .

Drake opens up with Lebron James on his HBO hit series “ The Shop “

He talked about his son who ‘has blue eyes’ and the infamous beef between him, Kanye West and Pusha T .
Drake revealed that he opened up to West and shared with him details about his son and issues he was having with his child’s mom, as well as details about his Scorpion album. He says West used the information against him.
Drake says he’s past the situation now and feels pure about his decision to not respond to Pusha T’s diss track.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson separate after months of a whirlwind relationship
Pete Davidson – Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande has separated from Pete Davidson , just months after they revealed they were engaged to be married.
It has been claimed that the pair are both “ acknowledging that it simply was not the right time for their relationship to take off “, with TMZ saying that they still “ have love for each other “.
Pete has since deleted his social media accounts.
The singer and Saturday Night Live comic confirmed their engagement in June.
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