‘Rent Small-Small’ is pioneering home rental solution and you shouldn’t miss it

Respite has come the way of Lagos residents who undergo untold pains in securing apartments in the commercial city.
A property management firm, called RentSmallSmall.com , has been established to address the complexities associated with easily finding a suitable, affordable, choice apartment within preferred locations.
While disclosing this in Lagos, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Rent Small-Small , Tunde Balogun  said the absence of a flexible rent payment system was also one of the major reasons that gave birth to Rent Small-Small .
“ It’s no news that the norm in Lagos, as well as most states in Nigeria, is the yearly payment of rent. A huge fraction of inhabitants and tenants largely complain about the impracticality of this scheme over the years. Nigerians benefit more when things are made in smaller pieces e.g water became easily accessible when sachet water came into existence, same goes for milk and detergents .
“ Hence, Rent Small-Small offers a unique plan that proves to be a win-win not just to tenants, but even to homeowners as well.
“ Tenants get on-budget housing, flexibility when it comes to lease and payment of rent (monthly, quarterly and annually), as well as ease when it comes to selection of suitable apartment (locations that maintain proximity to work or place of business) as well as reduced delays in finding such apartments and less bureaucracy for move-in modalities ,” he said.
According to Balogun, the package would afford homeowners the opportunity to get steady, reliable income throughout the year.
He also explained that the initiative is backed by insurance, screened and verified tenants, high visibility and reduced vacancy period for landlords’ properties. He added that this is possible through top-notch property management.
In his words, “ the workability and efficiency of the Rent Small-Small initiative is quite impressive as well as totally sustainable and it’s not hard to imagine that in the coming months, this design will be adopted by many other states across the federation, as well as other African countries that do not operate this scheme .”
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