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Philippines volcano eruption covers towns in ash as 30,000 people flee

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Harrowing pictures show volcanic ash covering towns in the Philippines as fears of a dangerous eruption see 30,000 people flee their homes. The Taal volcano in the Batangas province, south of the capital Manila, began to erupt in the early hours of Monday, spurting fountains of lava 500 metres into the sky on Tuesday. Authorities have warned a ‘hazardous eruption’ is possible ‘within hours or days’, as more than 200 earthquakes are detected in and around the Taal area. Images show locals in Talisay, Laurel and Boso-Boso in the Batangas province attempting to salvage their possessions as red hot lava continues to flow from the volcano. Some residents are pictured clearing up fallen trees, while other are photographed leaving the area, which is blanketed in volcanic ash. A worker carries a fallen branch in a resort blanketed with volcanic ash in Talisay (Picture: Reuters) Picnic tables are covered n Tagaytay City (Picture: Reuters) A basketball court is blanketed in a resort near the erupting Taal Volcano in Talisay (Picture: Reuters) Residents evacuate from the volcanic-ash covered village in Laurel, Batangas province, southern Philippines (Picture: AP) Despite authorities advising people living nearby to evacuate, some residents in Talisay City remained in the area on Tuesday to watch over their homes, with some fishermen allegedly planning on crossing to the volcano island to fetch their horses and farm animals, according to GMA. The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology said the earthquakes, which have been felt with varying intensities, indicate further eruption is coming. A spokesperson said: ‘Such intense seismic activity probably signifies continuous magmatic intrusion beneath the Taal edifice, which may lead to further eruptive activity.’ Schools in nearby areas have been closed down and government work has been suspended as worries about health risks from the ash continue. Hundreds of flights were also cancelled or delayed this week, affecting tens of thousands of passengers. The small island where the 311 metre volcano lies has been designated a ‘permanent danger zone’ for a long time, despite fishing villages existing there. A swimming pool is filled with volcanic ash and fallen branches in a closed park in Tagaytay City (Picture: Reuters) A man clears his roof at Boso-Boso (Picture: AP) A logo of a McDonald’s store is splattered with mud from volcanic ash in Tagaytay City (Picture: Reuters) A worker chops off fallen branches in a resort in Talisay, Batangas (Picture: Reuters) In 1965, a disastrous eruption in Taal killed hundreds of people. The volcano is the second-most restive of about two dozen active volcanoes in the Asian country which lies along the Pacific Ring of Fire, where most of the world’s seismic activity occurs. In 1991, long-dormant volcano, Mount Pinatubo, in the Zambales Mountains, north of Manila, blew its top in one of the biggest volcanic eruptions of the 20th century. About 800 people were killed and 200,000 left homeless. A horse rented out for tourists is left in a park (Picture: Reuters) A resident checks his jeep (Picture: AP) Clouds of volcanic ash rise up from damaged trees in Laurel (Picture: AP)


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