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STOP! Don’t buy drugs from drug Hawkers – See Reason

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Nigerians put their lives at risk in a lot of ways. One of the many ways is taking non-prescription drugs.

On a hot day , I took a bus. Whilst waiting for the passengers to come on board, I saw some men hawking some drugs and then I saw people buying drugs from them. They asked “Aboki you get TM? ” He nodded and looked round, dipped his hand in his box and handed it to them. It was really sad to see that drugs which were supposed to be controlled, where flooding the streets . In this article, I will be highlighting the downsides of buying drugs from street hawkers. The reasons are enumerated below.

Improper storage of drugs.

Most people buy drugs without knowing much about them. Buying a drug from a reputable pharmacy however, protects you from buying drugs that may have not been properly stored . Some drugs require room temperature , whilst some need to be refrigerated . The street drug hawker has little or no knowledge on the storage of drugs and may eventually sell you a bad drug due to bad storage of the drug.

They may be fake

Most drugs sold on the streets or drugs being hawked, are not regulated and this causes a lot of worries as we do not know how they source for their drugs. Most hawkers get expired drugs, repackage it and sell to the public at ridiculously cheap prices. That drug on the road is most likely fake .

They lack proper dispensing knowledge
Most drug hawkers have no knowledge on drugs and have no idea as to how it reacts to the body. They give drugs without knowing the prior medical condition of the person they are selling to. They lack knowledge on the side effects of the drugs. They can cause a lot of problems to you. For example, drugs with sodium are not good for hypertensive patients , most analgesic are acidic and triggers ulcer . Some people react differently to drugs that contain sulphur.
Drugs are poisons and must be used with caution. Always seek professional advice and always buy your drugs from reputable pharmaceutical companies. Always check out for the expiry date , Nafdac number and confirm with the pin if you’re in doubt . Stay safe!



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