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You Will Never Eat Banana after reading this!

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Bananas are a great snack food. They come perfectly packaged in a single serving size. They taste good raw, cooked, in bread or over cereal. They have a lot of great nutritional value.
But… bananas can be hard on your body. Eating bananas comes with risks to your heart and waist line. There are even commonly prescribed medications that you should never take and then eat bananas. Bananas can even cause severe allergic reactions.

In fact, you may never eat another banana after reading this.

Not Such a Diet Food


If you have allergies to aged cheeses like blue cheese or parmesan, you may have a sensitivity to tyramine. Tyramine is naturally found in protein rich foods.

If you do eat bananas, make sure that every stringy fiber is removed. Banana peels are higher in tyramine and are a snack in some countries. If you travel, be aware of banana peels in your meals!

Too Much Potassium

Bananas are good for your heart in small doses. If you eat too many bananas, you can develop hyperkalemia. This means you have too much potassium in your blood.

Hyperkalemia can lead to irregular heartbeat, muscle weakness, and temporary paralysis. Most people won’t eat enough bananas to get to hyperkalemia. If you have kidney disease to other diseases that come with an elevated potassium blood level or you are taking potassium supplements, you may be at risk.

Not A Good Breakfast

If you feel sleepy after your morning banana, you are feeling the effects of tryptophan. This is responsible for the after-turkey dinner sleepies.

Tryptophan slows down mental processes and reaction time. Add in the muscle relaxation from all the magnesium in bananas and you have a prescription for a great nap.
Try a banana at bedtime instead of on your morning cereal.

Make sure to brush our teeth afterwards, though. Bananas can be hard on your teeth.

Bananas and Tooth Decay

Bananas can be very healthy for teeth. The calcium and vitamin D make for stronger bones and enamel.

The problem comes from letting the starch and sugars stay on your teeth for a long time. Eating a lot of bananas can temporarily change the pH level in your mouth and this can erode enamel.
Eat a banana but make sure you brush your teeth afterwards to avoid damaging your teeth! But don’t let bananas get on your nerves…



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